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Piano Teacher,  Composer and  Pianist,  Edward Nemirovsky

New York City,  NYC,  Manhattan.

Classical Music and Jazz

For students of all age

From beginners to advanced

Piano lessons, Theory of Music, Harmony, Music Composition, Orchestration techniques, Jazz Harmony progressions and improvisation.

Studio lessons, In-Home lessons,

Piano lessons over Skype.

Student Recitals twice a year

Edward Nemirovsky Piano Teacher and Composer in New York City,  NYC,  Manhatta

Holds a Master’s degree in Music.

Graduated from one of the most prestigious music colleges in Moscow.

Was educated in the traditions of classical European and Russian piano school.

More than 35 years of professional experience in pedagogy at all levels as a piano teacher.            A professional composer and pianist. Genres include symphonic, instrumental, chamber music, music for voice and solo instruments, children’s music, theatrical music and film scores. Film Scores by Edward Nemirovsky were presented at many international film festivals.

   My method for teaching piano playing differs radically from music lessons given at publicschools. It is traditional and similar to the method used in the previous musical period in Europe where the traditions of classical music were established. One of the clearest distinguishing features of my teaching method is individual work with a specific student rather than a group of students. It is this individual approach to the unique character of a given student that constitutesthe very crux of my methodology.

 The techniques I use for teaching adults students consist of the following:

A patient and considerate approach to the individual characteristics of the student.

The search for a special technique for each individual student.

 A selection of a repertoire reflecting the musical interest of the student including a broad selection of musical styles:  classical,  popular,  jazz, etc. 

As necessary, the technical performance of each musical composition can be specially simplified giving a beginning student the ability to perform any popular classical piece or modern song as he or she wishes.

 Easy to understand” method for learning Piano, Theory of music, Music Composition, Orchestration techniques, Jazz Harmony progressions and improvisation.

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Piano Teachers in New York City, NYC Manhattan, Edward Nemirovsky teaching Piano, Theory of Music, Music Compositon, Film Score creating, Orchestration, Jazz Harmony progressions and Improvisation. Studio lessons, In-home lessons,  Piano Lessons Over Skype.